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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Promo Blitz - Flames to the Beast & Beast Blood by M.A. Levi

Title: Flames to the Beast
(Blood Legacy #1)
Author: M.A. Levi
Publication Date: October 28th, 2016
Genre: Fantasy/Historical
After the dismal slums of the city Fortaleza was aglow with the orange flickers of the tavern fire and Leonardo's howls of death were no longer heard, Eli Santos became overridden with failure and guilt. Distraught over the death of his rouge brother-in-law, there in the darkness a figure emerged. An ally turned foe, commanding leader of the Holy army in the Order of St. Michael- Keller glorified in murdering one of Eli's own kin after he exposed him as a werewolf. With fur as black as the night, Eli remained unseen in the shadows as he listened to Keller make a vow so vile, he dared to enact the words of an ancient and feared prophecy of his people: Flames to the Beast.

In the first installment of the Beast Trilogy, escape with Eli and Roslyn Santos from the clutches of a Half-born and his corrupted army on this fast paced journey to Michigan to gather their strongest ally, George 'Quicksilver' Crownwelm, and take it upon themselves to start a legacy as a means to protect themselves and ensure the existence of their werewolf brethren known in the second prophecy as Beast Bloods.

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Title: Beast Blood
(Truer Sin #2)
Author: M.A. Levi
Publication Date: June 26th, 2015

Long after the great Michigan fires of 1881 have become cold ash, Gabrio’s fated battle finally begins. Gabrio is a Beast Blood, transforming into a wolf by the light of the moon. He has found his life-mate, Esmeralda, and together they have discovered a measure of peace, a respite from the horrors of past. Living in modern-day Michigan, they hide their identities carefully from mortals and the dangers of half-breeds.

But Gabrio’s blood is bound to destiny. An ancient prophecy stirs the winds of fate around them, bringing signs of death and a blood moon. A Blood Taster, under oath to seek out the wicked in mortals, is now charged with doing the same among Beast Bloods—and in so doing uncovers a truer sin that walks the earth, longing to take revenge against the punishment of God and using Gabrio and Esmeralda to do so. As the couple is drawn into a war between the angelic warriors of heaven and the demons of hell, they soon realize that they are destined to play a major role in the outcome of the conflict—and that the prophecy heralds the coming of the ultimate power, known as the Hybrid.

From the woods of Michigan to the emerald-green highlands of Scotland, this second volume of the Beast Blood series follows two supernatural creatures as they stand witness to an apocalyptic battle between good and evil.

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M.A Levi was born in Bay City, and since the young age of eight had moved from town-to-town within her beloved state with her family, and today she still calls the 'Mitten' home. At the age of sixteen, she started her own business, which lasted until she graduated.
Then, at the age of eighteen she began taking courses in business at a local community college where she progressed, achieving high honors and regularly making the Dean's List. However, with only several classes away from earning her degree, and running another successful business, M.A Levi didn't return to college and closed her small vending business when inspiration struck her truest passion, writing. Giving it her all, M.A Levi is the author of the highly rated books, and promising series, Flames to the Beast and Beast Blood. She's currently working on the third installment of the Beast Trilogy, Rising the Beast.

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