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Who am I?
Brazilian book addict. Truth be told, if there's romance in it, I'm reading it and probably loving it. Shipping fictional characters is an art I follow, and I'm not embarrased to admit that.
Quem sou eu?
Viciada em livros. Verdade seja dita, se tiver romance, eu estou lendo e provavelmente adorando. "Shipar" é uma arte que me envolvo, e não tenho vergonha nenhuma de admitir isso.
Review Policy
Would you like me to review your book? Cool! Here's what I normally read
Category: Young Adult, New Adult and Adult
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Dystopia.
In order to mantain a good blogger/author/publisher relationship, let's set some rules, right?
1. Review requests should contain a brief summary of the book (or Goodreads link) and the expected review date.
2. If I agree to review your book, it means I'll give you my honest opinion. I'm not mean (a book is the author's baby and I wouldn't be mean to a baby), but expect me to completely honest. 
3. Reading is a passion, but I have a busy schedule, which means I can't take all the requests--or even offer a promo spot for everyone who contacts me. I wish I had more free time. Sorry, guys. Since time is an issue, I can only reply if I decide to take the ARC. If I accept your book, though, I will definitely write an honest review.
4. I'll post my reviews on the blog, Goodreads and Amazon.
5. If your book is also being published in Brazil or another Portuguese-speaking country, let me know so I can write the review in English and Portuguese.
Does this sound good? Then, please contact me here:

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