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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Across the Distance by Marie Meyes

Image and blurb from Goodreads:

There’s a drawer I never open. It holds a picture I never look at. It reminds me of a day I hate to remember, but I’ll never forget.

I’d give anything to be like the other girls on campus. Going to parties, flirting with boys, planning for a future. But that’s not me. And hasn’t been since the day my parents died. The only thing that got me through was Griffin. Even though I didn’t have my family, I always had him. Only, now I’m not so sure I do.
It’s not just the eleven hundred miles separating us now that I’m at college. And it’s more than his band finally taking off, and all the gigs and girls suddenly demanding his time. It’s like everything is different—the way we talk, the way we text . . . the way he looks at me and the way his looks make me feel.
Griffin has been the only good thing in my life since that horrific day. I can feel our friendship slipping away—and I’m terrified of what will be left in its place…


My thoughts:

4 "I love Project Runway" STARS

A short and sweet review for this good New Adult:

What I really liked:
1. Griffin was a sweet guy. I don't know what's gotten into me, but I've been falling for a lot of sweet book boyfriends lately.
2. Her parents' voicemail. Oh, tears!
3. I got a bit of a "Project Runway" vibe.
4. Griffin's sister. Her name is Renata, so I rest my case.

What I thought could be better developed:
1. Jillian's relationship with her sister. I wanted some sort of closure or at least more conflict.
2. More conflict/tension/drama.
3. More of the "Project Runway" vibe.

I really enjoyed the story, and pretty much every time Jillian talked about her parents' death I teared up.

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