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Friday, February 03, 2017

Blog Tour & Review - P.I.T.A. (L.A. Liaisons, #3) By Brooke Blaine

Title: P.I.T.A. (L.A. Liaisons, #3)
Author: Brooke Blaine
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: January 30, 2017

As one of the most prestigious wedding coordinators in Los Angeles, Paige Iris Traynor-Ashcroft is known for being classy, elegant, and the orchestrator of many happily-ever-afters. But in the words of Paige herself: “What a crock of shiitake.” Known affectionately (or not) as P.I.T.A. to those closest to her, she’s never been one to buy into the whole monogamy thing for herself. Sure, her BFFs are getting picked off by Cupid one by one, but his arrows have nothing on her semiautomatic. Richard “Dick” Dawson does his best to live up to his name. A long-time frenemy and manwhore extraordinaire, he thrives on pushing limits, pushing up skirts—and pushing every single one of Paige’s buttons. He’s the itch she can’t scratch, and doesn’t want to. Or does she? What happens when blazing-hot rage turns to crazy, unexplainable lust? Surely Because that would just be a total P.I.T.A. 



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You could say Brooke Blaine was a book-a-holic from the time she knew how to read; she used to tell her mother that curling up with one at 4 a.m. before elementary school was her 'quiet time.' Not much has changed except for the espresso I.V. pump she now carries around and the size of her onesie pajamas. Brooke enjoys writing sassy contemporary romance, whether in the form of comedy, suspense, or erotica. The latter has scarred her conservative Southern family for life, bless their hearts. If you'd like to get in touch with her, she's easy to find - just keep an ear out for the Rick Astley ringtone that's dominated her cell phone for ten years. 

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3 “Frenemies” Stars

ARC provided by the author

Thank you!

If you read my review of Hooker, book two in the L.A. Liaisons series, you’ll notice I’d been dying to get my hands on the next book since then. The little we got to see of Paige in that book showed me that she was hilarious and she was so going to fall in love with her frenemy. My body was ready for the hate and love relationship those two would bring me.

Being as excited as I was about P.I.T.A. and having waited almost a year for it, I couldn’t help myself and dove into it the moment the ARC landed on my Kindle.

The third book in the series focused on a group of smart, sexy and independent women has tons of voice, hilarious dialogue and burn-my-Kindle sexual tension.

In case you haven’t read the previous books (a mistake you must remedy sooner rather than later), Paige (a.k.a. PITA) and Dawson (a.k.a. Dick Dawson) go way back. We got to see a little of their banter in the previous books, but this time the hate-and-love relationship is under the spotlight.

In this book, Paige meets Dawson again at her parent’s anniversary party. Thing is, Paige and her parents don’t have the best relationship, and when they deliver shocking news, Paige reacts the only way she knows: by confronting them, appearances be dammed. Seeing how things are quickly turning disastrous, Dawson steps in and takes Paige away, which only makes her angrier at him. It’s obvious to anyone but Paige that Dawson truly cares about her, and that’s why he intervened. It’s also obvious that Paige is trying way too hard to hate him, and that probably means she’s trying to hide feelings much deeper and different.

So, yeah, from the get go, we get to see these two play around their attraction to each other and use sarcasm and teasing as their main weapons. It’s fun and sexy, just like I thought it’d be.

You know what else is fun? Watching Paige interact with her girlfriends. The dynamic between those four women make me want to be one of them. They tease each other in a way only longtime friends can. They don’t care to fit into a mold of what women should do or say. They openly talk about sex and love and everything else. Again, I felt like I was inside Sex & the City, but instead of NYC, we had L.A.

Despite all of those great things about this book, I ended up not enjoying it as much as the first and that’s because I had some reservations about some of the choices made. Choices I thought were not only extremely important to the evolution of the story, but also to how they shaped one of the main characters into someone I’m not sure I liked all that much.


Here’s the thing, the way Dawson was portrayed made him a real jackass in my book, and made me seriously question his understanding of what a consensual relationship means.

I can’t get behind a character who, despite being warned of the consequences, insists and pleads for a woman to drink something that will make her act out of character and forget the past few hours of her night.

I also can’t get behind a character who sleeps with that woman when she’s so drunk she can’t walk straight, especially when he knows she wouldn’t have done that if she had been sober.

Same goes for how he refused to sign the annulment papers when the woman he drunk-married in Vegas clearly didn’t want to stay married to him and was being blackmailed by a third person to stay married.

The worst thing about this whole situation involving Dawson and consent is that I could see how Dawson could’ve reacted differently, meaning he probably should’ve. I mean, he could’ve been the one to try to keep Paige from drinking the strong stuff, which she would’ve ignored because Paige isn’t the kind of woman to do or not do something just because a man said so. She still would’ve gotten drunk and they still could’ve gotten married in Vegas.

The staying married thing could’ve also been solved by bringing that reporter and her incriminating article a bit earlier, before the papers were ready to be signed. Paige would feel compelled to remain married to him (a fake marriage) to save her reputation as a wedding planner, and Dawson would agree to pretend to be a happy couple because he obviously already loved her.

So, yeah, I do realize Dawson’s motive for marrying her and refusing to let her go is his feelings for her, but that doesn’t justify the way he acted or the choices he made. Not as far as I’m concerned. Because of those choices, I couldn’t fully connect with his character and embrace his struggle to make her fall in love with him, too, which made me appreciate the story a lot less than I had expected.


Despite my reservations and thoughts on some choices, P.I.T.A. brings a lot of the humor and sass that seem to be trademarks of this series, so fans of Brooke Blaine and the L.A. Liaisons women will still enjoy this book.

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