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Thursday, February 23, 2017

*Grabby Hands* Release & Review - Anything You Can Do by R.S. Grey

  Title: Anything You Can Do
Author: R.S. Grey
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2017
Age Category/Genre: Adult Romantic Comedy
Juliet St. Clair has spent her life under Hollywood's spotlight. While being America's favorite girl next door has had its perks, having to testify against her stalker to put him behind bars certainly wasn't one of them. But when she thinks about walking away from it all, she can't help remembering the enormous pile of medical bills her family is drowning under. Bills that just keep on coming.

Felix Donovan had it all--stunning good looks, gorgeous women, and a spot as the drummer to a banLucas Thatcher has always been my enemy.

It’s been a decade since I’ve seen him, but our years on opposite coasts were less of a lasting peace and more of a temporary cease-fire. Now that we’re both back in our small town, I know Lucas expects the same old war, but I’ve changed since high school—and from the looks of it, so has he.

The arrogant boy who was my teenage rival is now a chiseled doctor armed with intimidating good looks. He is Lucas Thatcher 2.0, the new and improved version I’ll be competing with in the workplace instead of the schoolyard.

I’m not worried; I’m a doctor now too, board-certified and sexy in a white coat. It almost feels like winning will be too easy—until Lucas unveils a tactic neither of us has ever used before: sexual warfare.

The day he pushes me up against the wall and presses his lips to mine, I can’t help but wonder if he’s filling me with passion or poison. Every fleeting touch is perfect torture. With every stolen kiss, my walls crumble a little more. After all this time, Lucas knows exactly how to strip me of my defenses, but I’m in no hurry to surrender.

Knowing thy enemy has never felt so good.

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4.5 “OMG they’re enemies and they fall in love” Stars


Yes, people, that’s how I’m starting this review because that’s how big my love for this book is. Damn, you, R.S. Grey, for hijacking my much needed sleep hours. I made the big mistake of starting this book late at night and that ended up with me staying up until way past bedtime.

It was all worth it, though.

Every second of it. Every lost hour of sleep. I’d do it all over again.

Why? Because I’m obsessed with enemies-to-lovers stories and this freaking book was one of the best with that theme I’ve ever read. Some of my Goodreads friends have read it and loved it, so I should’ve been prepared for the awesomeness, but I truly didn’t expect to be this obsessed with it.

Is the book perfect? Probably not.

Do I care? Definitely not.

And I’ll tell you why. This book made me laugh. It made me tear up because I was so in love with the main characters everything made me emotional. Even the silliest of confessions. Then it made me laugh some more. Of course it also made me swoon and later want to take a freaking cold shower, because damn if this isn’t so freaking sexy.

In case you don’t know this, that paragraph above just described a winner for those interested in light, sexy romance reads.

Here’s what this story is about: two people who have known each other since birth and developed this rivalry that dates back to when they were in diapers. They competed against each other for every single thing possible. They picked on each other, fought, yelled and hated (hate being euphemism for hiding much deeper feelings). Time passes and even with medical school/career taking over their lives and placing them in opposite sides of the country, they still can’t let go of each other. Now, it’s been eleven years since they last saw one another, but they’re back in their hometown going for the same dream: take over the town’s (maybe only?) best private practice since the doctor previously responsible for it is retiring soon.

These two, Daisy Bell and Lucas Thatcher, are now forced to work together. That means they’ll try their best to get under each other’s skin, and damn when that happens… and that freaking happens you’ll be smiling, laughing and swooning so hard you might feel like the tightness in your chest means you need to get yourself a doctor soon.

The whole time we’re inside Daisy’s head and there was nowhere else I wanted to be. This isn’t a sign that I didn’t like Lucas. How can anyone not like Lucas? He’s sexy, smart, funny and he knows how to push Daisy’s buttons like no one else. Plus, have I mentioned he’s sexy? A sexy doctor? Yes. Oh, and he wear glasses, was compared to superman and Henry Cavill.

Henry. Freaking. Cavill. Just the sexiest man on Earth in my opinion. Just that.

You can’t not love Lucas. That’s like a rule or something.

But what was I talking about again? *stares at the gifs a little longer* Oh, yeah. The thing with the singe POV and how well it worked here has everything to do with how amazing Daisy’s voice is. The woman is freaking hilarious. She’s borderline insane. She’s out there and unafraid to be ridiculous, and she gets herself in the worst possible situations but still manages to make you smile the entire time.

I suffer from a serious case of “empathetic embarrassment” or “secondhand embarrassment” (whatever people call that in English), so I often feel very uncomfortable watching characters make a fool of themselves. This could’ve happened here, but it didn’t. Daisy won me over in such a way that I laughed when she was ridiculous instead of cringing like I normally do.
That’s just one of the reasons why I loved being inside her head.

Another reason the single POV worked was because of Lucas’ motivation to keep the rivalry going all those years. There were hints here and there, especially with those e-mail chapters, but being inside of his head would’ve made everything too clear. The story didn’t need that. The story needed the tension the single POV created. All I’ll say about this is Lucas’ arc was exactly what I needed. Much like Josh from The Hating Game, Lucas gave me that kind of painful restraint I wanted from him, and damn if that didn’t make him much sexier.

The real joy here, though, is watching Daisy and Lucas go from enemies to lovers. The struggle is real, people, because these two do not make it easy.  And that’s exactly how I want all my hate-to-love romance books to be. I want the characters to hold on to their walls because dealing with the feelings they’ve been working hard to suppress is much harder than pretending to hate the other. I want them to breathe sexual tension and give in to it only when they’re close to bursting. And let me tell you, the tension here was melt-your-Kindle worthy. Like, take a cold shower than lie under the fan kind of tension. It was just that phenomenal. And I’m not the kind of person to throw the word “phenomenal” around.

The main reason this isn't getting another full star is a bit of spoiler, so here it is... WARNING: MINOR SPOILER: Am I wrong or didn't they use a condom when they were doing it for the first time (or maybe any other time after that?). There wasn't a discussion about it or anything. My brain cells might've been all melted by the heat from that scene, but I think they just went for it. I could be wrong, but...I mean... these are two doctors and it sounds a bit off that they'd have sex without any protection or even without discussing if Daisy was on birth control. That threw me off, which is a shame because with all the tension between them, I wanted to enjoy that scene without anything taking away from it.

The thing is… this book won me over, and if the rest of her books are anything like this, this author will certainly win me over, too. I don’t know what you’re doing right now, but whatever it is, stop it and go read this.
*If you liked this review (or not), if you read the book (or not), come say hello and leave your comments bellow.

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