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Monday, March 14, 2016

*Grabby Hands* Release - Review & Giveaway - Hooker (L.A. Liaisons, #2) by Brooke Blaine

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Title: Hooker (L.A. Liaisons, #2)
Author: Brooke Blaine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 9, 2016

About the book:

Whoever said singles were missing out by not finding true love and getting married before the age of thirty had never experienced the sheer pleasure of nightly romantic comedy viewings in their underwear while eating one of Licked’s famous Crazy Cat Lady sundaes. Because life just doesn’t get better than that.

At least, it doesn’t for Shayne Callahan. It didn’t take more than a handful of broken hearts after college to solidify that she was better at pairing up those around her than herself. As a matchmaker at the elite HLS—Hook, Line, & Sinker Matchmaking Company—in the City of Angels, she has a knack for finding the other halves of even the most eccentric clients:

Sugar daddy with a foot fetish? Gross, but no problem.
A severe case of nudophobia? Match made before lunch.
But even the most happily independent of women can find their best-laid plans screeching to a halt when they meet that guy. For Shayne, that guy comes in the form of boyishly handsome, suspender-lovin’, dimple-poppin’ Nate Ryan on a pantsless (we’ll get to that later) Metro ride.

Of course, relationships can never be easy. Before the destined lovers can ride off into the sunset, they must overcome a power-hungry and sexual-punning boss, a celebrity scandal and cover-up, and let’s not forget Shayne’s dreadful foot-in-mouth disease—with which there can never be a happily ever after.

Will fate throw Shayne a freakin’ bone? Or will she be destined to live out her life as sexy(ish), single(ish), and L.A.’s finest Hooker (upper)?


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“Hi,” I managed to say.

Nate nodded toward my legs. “Your pants are making me hungry.”

Aaaand that was the point where I stopped breathing. Except to say, “What?”

His eyes trailed down my body and rested on my thighs. Self-conscious, I looked down, almost sighing with relief when I realized my lower half was indeed covered this time, but that feeling went away pretty fucking fast when I saw the ice cream cones on my pajama pants practically flinging themselves at him.

Yes, I’d gone out in public in pajamas, so sue me. I hadn’t counted on running into…well, anybody.

“Oh. Oh yeah, um…I like ice cream,” I mumbled. “Especially from Licked, my friend Ryleigh’s store, although I have to say, her boozy shakes are unreal, especially the Make Me Quake Shake, which has these amazing pieces of those Ferrero Rocher balls in them, and they just give it the perfect amount of crunch so that you—” I stopped and took a breath when I noticed his grin getting wider. I swallowed and then said, “Not that I go there all the time or anything. Because I don’t. I mean, I’ve only been once or twice. You know…to taste test. Actually, I never eat sweets.”

He laughed then, and those penetrating eyes, tinged with more green than brown today, made their way up my body once more, pausing with what looked like amusement at my full hands. Then his gaze was on me and those dimples were out in full force.

“That’s too bad,” he said. “I’ve got a helluva sweet tooth.”
Wait…was he flirting with me? Was that a come-on? Or just stating a fact?

“Yeah, well, in that case your dentist probably hates you,” I said, readjusting the cold-ass meals in my arms. I’d be damned if I let those suckers go now. I’d tied my jacket around my waist, and my thin tank top would reveal a tit-bit more than I needed him to see.

He chuckled at that. Hmm. He had a nice chuckle. And a husky laugh. Both of which made my eyes zoom in on his throat. I wondered if it was as warm as it looked. He must’ve caught me staring, because he coughed, bringing my attention back to his face. His eyes were twinkling something wicked.

“You might be right about that,” he said. “Maybe I don’t like people telling me what to do. Or dictating what I can and can’t put in my mouth.”

My mouth dropped open, but I quickly snapped it shut. This guy was obviously a charmer, and after dealing with guys like him all day, the last thing I would do was fall prey to another arrogant playboy. Nope. Not me. Not gonna happen.

  Hooker teaser 3 by Hang Le
Book Trailer:

About The Author:

You could say Brooke Blaine was a book-a-holic from the time she knew how to read; she used to tell her mother that curling up with one at 4 a.m. before elementary school was her ‘quiet time.’ Not much has changed except for the espresso I.V. pump she now carries around and the size of her onesie pajamas. She is the author of the international bestselling romantic comedy series, L.A. Liaisons (“Licked” and “Hooker), as well as Flash Point and The Desperate Man series. The latter, co-authored with Ella Frank, has scarred her conservative Southern family for life, bless their hearts. If you’d like to get in touch with her, she’s easy to find - just keep an ear out for the Rick Astley ringtone that’s dominated her cell phone for ten years.

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My thoughts:

4.5 “Sexy suspenders” STARS 

Guys…. This book is soooooo good! Sexy. Funny. Smart. Everything I needed and wanted and expected of it. Just go read it and come back to this review later.


Hooker is the second book in the L.A. Liaisons Series, and if it wasn’t for the number of titles waiting on my Kindle right now, I’d start on book one immediately. This is how much I loved this and how awesome the author is. The writing is solid and the voice is crazy good. I can’t imagine not liking any of Brooke Blaine’s stories after reading this.

And you know what? From what I’ve read about the characters that will sure be the main couple in book #3, I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves so we focus on HOOKER here.

Shayne Callahan is an Aussie working for one of L.A’s top matchmaking agencies, and she’s damn good at her job. In fact, while her lunatic boss is the financial mind behind the business, Shayne is the reason why the freaking company still has its door open. She can find a perfect match to anyone, no matter how eccentric her clients are. What Shayne can’t seem to do is find one for herself.

But don’t think Shayne is desperate. She’s confident and she’s not in a hurry to find the perfect man. Focusing on her career, dealing with a boss that will destroy even the most confident person’s self esteem, and having fun with her A-MAZING (please let me be a part of your group) friends keeps Shayne pretty busy.

Her crazy and amazing friends convince Shayne to take part at one of those “no pants subway rides” events (no idea why people do that), and when she has nothing but her Star Wars underwear covering her private parts, she meets abso-fucking-lutely cute Nate.

Nate has dimples. Nate is a nerd. Nate is hot. Nate knows what to say to turn a woman on. Nate wears freaking suspenders!!! That’s Nate, and if you’re not in love with him yet, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Oh, Nate is also much younger than Shayne. Oops. He’s only twenty-four and still in college, while Shayne is a mature, hardworking twenty-eight-year-old woman.

But while Nate’s age is initially a problem, Shayne’s pain-in-the-ass boss, her fear of losing her job, her insecurities and her good heart are the things that end up posing as the biggest problem for this super hot and funny couple. But don’t worry, you get your Happily the Fuck Ever After. Ha!

Because I’d flip my shit if I didn’t.

Nate and Shayne are one of the hottest and cutest couples I’ve read about. Their bantering is incredible and their chemistry is off the charts. Nate is sexy in a cute, nerdy way, and he knows exactly what to make a girl want to crawl all over him:

He took the glass from my hand and tipped the liquid into his mouth.
“Let me guess. Girly drinks are your favorite too.”
“Nah, just wanted to get a taste of what’s going into that delicious mouth of yours.”

Hooker Teaser 2 by Hang Le

Yep. *sighs* Oh, Nate.

That’s just the beginning of it. In one of the first few chapters, Shayne and her girlfriends go to Vegas and Nate is there, too. They all go to this bar where they dance and OMG what was that scene? I mean… what was that? You’ll understand once you read it. The way Shayne and Nate danced (if you can even call it that) and what happened next was so damn hot I had to take a moment before I moved on to the next pages.

In Nate’s words:

“Hottest fucking thing…”

Hooker Teaser 5 by Jay Aheer

*fans self*

While the story has plenty of sexy scenes, what makes it stand out is the MC’s sense of humor (something I believe is a common trait among all the L.A. Liaisons Series’ MCs). Shayne is effortlessly funny. She’s not “laugh out loud” funny, but she’s “you’ll be smiling the whole time you’re reading it” funny, which works for me just as well.

The friendship between Shayne, Ryleigh (the MC from the first book), Paige (probably the MC on the next title) and Quinn is another big positive. Although I can’t say I got a good sense of each of them – some stood out more than others, it was fun to read about this independent group of women who were successful and intelligent. It reminded me a little bit of Sex and the City.
This was a quick, fun and incredible read, and I’m extremely pleased with the story and the author. If you like contemporary romance, you have to keep an eye on Brooke Blaine because if she keeps writing stories this strong, I can see her fan base growing incredibly fast.

L.A. Liaisons Series:

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