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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Blog Tour & Review - Riot Street by Tyler King


Title: Riot Street
Author: Tyler King
Category/Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: April 30th, 3017

Sometimes, getting in too deep is the only way to survive . . .

As darkly charismatic as he is unpredictable, Ethan Ash knows me better than I know myself. He's spent years unraveling the family scandal I've tried desperately to escape. I once thought that made us adversaries. Now he's the closest ally I have left.

Ethan's both the chaos around me and the deep, calm center where I feel safe. People warn me about him, tell me he's dangerous. Don't fall for him. But it's too late. Because I can't tell where my addiction ends . . . and his obsession begins.


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3.5 “Smart, Dark, Addictive” Stars

ARC via NetGalley.

Thank you, Forever!!

Tyler King's writing is so smart, it makes you feel smart when you're reading this book. I know that's a funny thing to say, but that was how it felt.

Last year, I read Tyler King's debut, The Debt, and let me tell you, I loved, LOVED that book. The concept wasn't that fresh or different from what was out there, but the way it was told was refreshing. The voice was strong and it held me from start to finish.

Here's the thing about her second book, it's the same, but completely different.

Riot Street also touches on topics covered by many other books out there: phsychological abuse, childhood trauma, family issues and addiction. Again, Tyler King manages to spin it so it reads fresh. It reads like something you haven't read before.

Avery and Ethan are journalists whose lives are linked not only because of their passion, but because of Avery's past. I don't want to spoil her story because I thought it was important to learn about it as it went, but Ethan is sort of obsessed with Avery in an intriguing way. He knows a lot about her while she's still learning things about him. Her past should keep him away from her, and his involvement in her past should keep her away from him, but they end up drifting closer. There's enough angst and tension there for their romance to work, but as strange as this might sound, the romance wasn't really the thing keeping me hooked.

Don't get me wrong. This is a contemporary romance story, but if I'm being completely honest, the romantic relationship between Avery and Ethan wasn't the star of the show for me. I had my fair share of problems with the way Ethan handled things and acted toward Avery.

But Avery's history was intriguing enough to keep me reading, and the way she dealt with it--broken and strong at the same time--also interested me. I liked seeing her battle the darkness inside her while trying to find out who she was. Who she truly was after everything that had happened and kept happening to her.

I liked being inside Avery's head. She was smart. Really smart, and she made me feel smart. Her analogies, the way she saw the world and analyzed the people and things around her, the references... everything worked. I LOVED the voice. Again, Tyler King found a distinctive voice and made me want to listen to it. So, thank you for that.


Tyler King was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in English. As a journalist, her work has appeared in Orlando magazine and Orlando Business Journal, among other publications.

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