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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

#T5W - Top 5 Wednesday - Favorite Angsty Romances

#T5W or Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Lainey & hosted on the Goodreads T5W group. Come join us!

This week's theme is: 
Favorite Angsty Romances

Just FYI, angsty is my favorite kind of romance. Nothing beats that feeling that my chest is about to explode when these characters are trying so hard not to get/or to together because of reasons, and all I want them to do KISS!

Making me choose only five is TORTURE!!! But I'll just go with the first five that comes to mind, and I'll limit my choices to adult and new adult. I'd need a lot more if I were to involve YA books.


Gabriel is angst personified! All the "I always deny myself what I want until I can't almost breathe" theme with him just made this whole book even better. And this might be the last angsty romances I read, so that's why it came to mind right away.

The romance between Liam and Elissa is angst in its definition. I rest my case.

Ha, give me three amazing characters and the best love triangle I've read and try not to rip my heart out. Victoria de La O didn't even try to spare my feelings, she just punched me.

It feels like forever since I read this book, but whenever I think "angsty romance", this book comes to mind. This book was like drama on top of drama on top of messed up characters on top of childhood drama with an extra layer of sex. Just... yeah.

This freaking book is pure angst, too. I almost went with "It Ends With Us", but I realize "Ugly Love" is more angst romance and IEWU is more drama angst. Colleen Hoover writes angst like few others.

So, what do you think about these choices? Have you read any of them? Share you opinion bellow

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