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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Review - A Million Miles Away by Elizabeth Corva

Images and Blurb from Goodreads

Title: A Million Miles Away 
Author: Elizabeth Corva

About the book:

"I'm beggin' you to leave so I won't have to beg you to stay..."

Molded by tragedy and pushed into emotional independence from a young age, Jasmine Ashcroft thinks she has this whole adulthood thing all figured out. College? Bring it on. Career planning? No problem. Dating? Sure! Well…maybe. After she gets the rest of her life dialed in.

But an unexpected meeting with the musician who created the soundtrack to her life puts those beliefs to the test. Can Jasmine find a safe--and sane--place in his high-stakes, jet-setting world without nuking her future, her family ties, or her heart?

My thoughts:

5 "Brazilian girls falls for American rockstar" STARS

I’ll start by saying I am fan. That’s it.

You know you are reading a good book when you find a sentence like this after just a few pages: "Jasmine hung her head, her features crumpling as she began to sob her thirteen-year-old heart out."

This is not just a great story about how dreams can come true – although they don’t necessarily go the way you might expect --, but it’s also a beautifully written one. The author knows the universe of music and that knowledge becomes almost tangible through the pages. The pieces of interviews we get every chapter gives the reader an insight on the world of music through the band – Strange Angels - and its members.

So, let’s get to the story.

Meet Jasmine, the beautiful, half Brazilian (yesssss!), just out of high school girl that LOVES music. Jasmine was forced to grow up fast due to a tragedy, but she lets her inner teen out to play when it comes to Strange Angels and their lead singer.

Meet Jonathan Fox, the hot, down-to-earth, smart and complicated lead singer and guitarist. He is the kind of superstar girls want to meet and parents want to keep away from their children. He is trouble, but who doesn’t like trouble?

Jasmine is the lucky, happy girl that gets a ticket to watch a concert of her favorite band and she is even luckier when she gets a pass to go backstage and hopefully see the band members up close. She isn’t disappointed and when she meets Jonathan, the story shows how much they have in common already.


As Jonathan and Jasmine kept finding their way to each other, as a reader I kept wanting more and more. Yes, Jonathan is a damaged soul years older than inexperienced Jasmine, but at that point I cared, but not really. I wanted more of them.

I wanted Jasmine to disobey her father, forget the train back to Luton and go backstage when the band finished their last show. Jonathan was mad and so was I. I also wanted Jonathan to forget how damaged he was and just kiss Jasmine again. This makes me look bad, but oh well, they were compelling characters; the chemistry was there even if they weren’t physical. The things good books make me think and say, huh?

Thankfully, the author knew it was not the right time for Jasmine and Jonathan. The singer respected and liked Jasmine enough not to be the one to destroy her fantasies and innocence. Jasmine needed to grow up before she could handle what Jonathan had to offer her.

I felt everything when Jonathan broke Jasmine’s heart, but I wasn’t angry at him. It was the right call and all the events and decisions throughout the book were coherent with the final choice. Hopefully, Jasmine will let Jonathan chase her a bit next book, just so he gets the taste of how grown up she is!

Overall, I absolutely loved Jasmine. When I was her age, those were the girls I wanted to have as friends. And Jonathan was a well-constructed character. He felt like a real person with problems, doubts, insecurities and a great sense of humor.
Jonathan took the mic. “Err, thanks, guys. This was a nice surprise,” he announced. “Now, I have a question for you: Where the fuck is my piano?”
Now, I have to say there is one character that holds a special place in my heart. Silver! This is one of those characters that has the potential to steal the spotlight. He was fun, a good friend and there was something about him that did it for me.
“Any questions?” Jonathan asked his companions. “Put your hand down, Silver. You’re not even coming with us!”

So, definitely a 5 out of 5 and I can’t wait for the next book.

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