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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Review - Depravity (A Beastly Tale - Part 1) by M.J. Haag

Image  and blurb from Goodreads

Title: Depravity (A Beastly Tale #1)
Author: M.J. Haag

About the book:

A classic fairy tale with a new twist, the Beauty and the Beast saga begins with Depravity...

Sixteen year old Benella is concerned with two things–avoiding the two village boys who torment her and scrounging for food to help feed her family. Unfortunately, the best wild fruit and vegetables are near the walls of the estate, a dark misty place inhabited by an unforgiving beast.

When her tormentors lock her behind the massive gates, Benella knows her fate is sealed. Yet, the fate isn’t one she expects. Her encounter with the beast starts a bizarre cycle of bargaining for her freedom, a freedom the beast seems determined to see her lose.

Note: Intended for mature readers due to sexual situations, violence (attempted rape), and moderate language.

My thoughts:

4 "Best Free-from-Amazon Beauty and the Beast retelling" STARS

Okay.... So I devoured this book. Inhaled. Whatever you wanna call it.

I'm a huge, HUGE fan of Beauty and the Beast (see my reading list on Goodreads as proof -- or my review for ACOTAR), and I truly enjoyed this story. Sure I wanted the romance to move faster, but I see the author wanted to make this a trilogy, so there's that.

I connected with the MC right away. She's sassy, smart and has a great heart. She's a great Belle. We didn't get to know much about the Beast yet (hello trilogy!), but his anger management issues made him an interesting character -- not necessarily heroic, but "interesting" will keep me reading.

The sexy tension was present (thank you very much), and I can't wait to know how  the author will develop that part.

Now I need the rest of the books. As simple as that.

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