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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

*Grabby Hands* Release & Review - Foolproof Love by Katee Robert

Title: FoolProof Love
Author: Katee Robert
Publication Date: June 6th, 2016
Category/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Entangled

Bull rider Adam Meyer put Devil’s Falls in his rearview mirror years ago and hasn’t stopped running since. Now he’s back—temporarily, if he has any say about it. Restless, he finds himself kissing the sexiest girl in town…and agreeing to be the fake boyfriend in her little revenge scheme.
Jules Rodrigez isn’t interested in the role of town spinster. Being seen with a hell raiser like Adam is the perfect way to scandalize the residents, make her ex jealous, and prove she’s a sexy, desirable woman. And if their plan includes ridiculously hot sex—in public, of course—all the better.
But this thing between them has an expiration date. Putting down roots isn’t in Adam’s blood, and Jules’s roots in Devil’s Falls are bedrock deep. He’ll leave, even if it rips out his heart. But this time, he’s not sure he’ll survive it…

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“That’s really sweet, Grant. It was great seeing you, but my boyfriend is waiting for me.”
He frowned. “Boyfriend?”

“Oh, yeah, it’s a new thing. We haven’t exactly gone public with it—you know how Devil’s Falls can be—so you wouldn’t have heard.” She gave him a pat on his arm. “It was nice seeing you. So great. Really, we’ll have to catch up sometime soon.” And then she stepped around him, dragging Aubry behind her.

“What are you doing?” Aubry whispered.

“Winging it.” She stopped by the trio of men, all too aware of Grant watching her. “Hi, Daniel. Quinn. Adam.” They raised their beers.

Daniel looked over her shoulder with a frown. “Is that your piece-of-shit ex-boyfriend I see?”
“The very one.” She disentangled her arm from Aubry’s. “Speaking of, I need a favor.”

“Anything for you, kid.”

She tried not to roll her eyes at him calling her kid. He was a whole seven years older than her. Not exactly ancient. “Actually, it’s not you I need the favor from.” Before she could talk herself out of it, she sidled up to Adam and put her arms around his neck. To his credit, he didn’t shove her on her butt in the dirt, merely raising his eyebrows. Jules kept her voice low so there was no chance of Grant overhearing. “So as you’ve noticed, my ex is watching me really closely right now, and I might have told him a tiny white lie about me dating someone in order to avoid a devastating dose of humiliation. And since I can’t date Daniel and no one would ever believe I’d date Quinn—”

The man in question frowned. “You really know how to hit a man where it hurts, Jules.”

“—that leaves you.”

Adam’s face remained impassive. “I see.”

There wasn’t a whole lot to work with in those words, but he also had let his free hand drift down to settle on her hip, so she just kept talking. “If you could just play along and maybe kiss me like you want to do filthy things to me in the bed of your truck, I’d really appreciate it.”

If anything, his eyebrows rose higher. “That guy really got under your skin, didn’t he?”

“You have no idea.” Next to them, Daniel made a sound suspiciously like a growl, but neither of them looked over. Adam’s hand pulsed on her hip, the heat of it shocking despite the warmth of the night. His calluses dragged over the sensitive skin bared by her T-shirt, and she shivered. Maybe this was a terrible idea. She didn’t have time to really reconsider, though, because he set down his beer, cupped the back of her neck, and dealt her the single most devastating kiss of her life.

No, not a kiss.

He took possession of her mouth, his tongue tracing the seam of her lips and then delving inside. He tasted of beer and something darker, something that hinted at exactly what she’d asked for—like he wanted to do filthy things to her in the bed of his truck. She closed her eyes, giving his tongue a tentative stroke, and had to fight down a moan at the way the move made her entire body go tight. More.

He lifted his head, breaking the kiss and slamming her back into the real world. She blinked up at him, all too aware of her body pressed against the entirety of his, of how he was hard in all the places she was soft, of how goddamn good he smelled. “Wow.”

There went that eyebrow again. “You think it was believable?”

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Katee Robert learned to tell her stories at her grandpa’s knee. She found romance novels at age twelve and it changed her life. When not writing sexy contemporary and speculative fiction romance novels, she spends her time playing imaginary games with her wee ones, driving her husband batty with what-if questions, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. 

  • I would:
  • Befriend: Aubry
  • Go out on a date & kiss: Adam
  • Take to a desert island and leave behind: Grant
  • Travel to Vegas and let Elvis Presley marry us: Adam

4 “Cowboys and cats” Stars

ARC via NetGalley

Thank you, Entangled!

Alrighty… I did not expect this book to be that hot that fast. I mean, 8% in (see the excerpt above) and I’m already having a minor heart attack because these characters are so freaking hot together.

So, yeah, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself in this review, but I blame it all on Adam and his dirty-talking abilities and blow-your-mind kisses. Not my fault at all.

“Foolproof Love” is another great book with one of my go-to tropes: fake relationships. Love me some couples falling in love while pretending to be together.

This time Jules Rodrigues is the one having the brilliant idea. When Jules’ ex-boyfriend returns to Devil’s Fall after dumping her years ago, she feels the need to impress not only him, but everyone in town who thinks she should be begging the future lawyer to take her back.

Jules isn’t only desperate to show her ex that she’s over him, but she’s also trying to make sure everyone in town understands she’s not the boring person they think she is. Sure she has no intention of ever leaving her small hometown, especially now that she opened her own business (a cat café – brilliant idea, if you ask me), but that doesn’t make Jules boring. Nope. And she has the perfect plan to show them all that. She’ll pretend to date Adam, the town’s hot bad boy, and create a scandal that will have everyone looking at her like the desirable woman she really is.

Adam, the bull rider who left town right after graduation, never thought he’d get in trouble so soon after returning to Devil’s Fall. But the moment he meets Jules, his life turns upside down. Dude is hanging with his friends at a bonfire when the hot cousin of one of his best friend approaches him and asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend. Since the bad boy act is just an act and Adam is one of the sweetest guys ever, he agrees to help her and they share a kiss that had my heart jumping out of my chest before we reached chapter 2.

And that’s when I knew I’d love this book.

This book is stupidly hot. I mean it. Like “I need a minute before I turn the next page” hot.

Don’t believe me? Let Adam prove it:

“You did that to me. I see you in those little shorts and all I can think of is getting a handful of your ass as I lift you up and thrust against where you’re warm and soft and wet for me.”

Told you.

But Adam isn’t only hot and a dirty-talking expert. He’s sweet. So sweet.

Adam only returned to town because he learned his mother was sick. Cancer. He blames himself for not being around, even though nothing he could’ve done could’ve changed that. But Adam’s love for his mother is so clear, so palpable that you can’t help but feel it too. And fall in love with him a little more. All his “mama” talk is adorable. He has the best kind of relationship with her.

But she’s not the only one Adam treats right. He’s really good to Jules, too. He’s always honest with her. That of course leads to heartbreak and a lot of drama when they start to fall for each other, but you can’t really blame him. Adam, like every good LI, is fighting ghosts from his past and, until he can learn who he truly is, he can’t accept his feelings for Jules.

Meanwhile, Jules is falling for her fake boyfriend, the man who’ll eventually leave town when his mother isn’t around anymore. She knows that, but it doesn’t stop her heart from going crazy around him. Who can blame her? Adam is sexy, funny and sweet. 

He gives her hilarious lessons on how to talk dirty. 

He calls her “sugar”. He loves how quirky she is. He respects and cares for her. He cleans his truck to take her on a date.

“My mama taught me that you don’t pick up a lady in a filthy truck.”


While Adam is the star (in my opinion), Jules is also a great character. The way the author portrays her as this really nice person who wants to see people around her happy isn’t cringeworthy because she’s quirky enough to make it real, relatable and believable. Her cat café idea is terrific and her friendship with Aubry is pretty fantastic. BTW, Aubry was one of my favorite characters and I can’t wait for her book.

I loved watching Adam and Jules’ relationship grow and turn into something strong and passionate. I couldn’t be happier about the way things turned out. This was easily one of my favorite “fake relationship” + “bad boy” reads this year. Highly recommended.

Title: Fool Me Once 
Publication Date: August 1, 2016

Aubry Kaiser doesn’t like people—actually, that’s not right. She loathes people. Combine that with her crippling anxiety around crowds and she’s in a mess when she gets an exclusive invitation to play a demo of her favorite video game, Deathmatch…which will be held at a convention with five thousand other people. The only solution? Bring someone else with her to the con to act as a shield—and unfortunately the only person available is the one man she can’t stand. Quinn.

Quinn Baldwyn is in a mess of his own. He’s been dodging his family’s matchmaking attempts for years, but with his sister’s wedding on the horizon, he’s in need of a shield of his own. Who better to drive off any potential marriage-seeking women than the fire-breathing dragon known as Aubry?

Things start to go sideways almost immediately when Quinn’s truck breaks down, forcing them to spend a seriously hot night in a B&B. They might barely be able to hold down a civil conversation, but in bed those fireworks are only the good kind. The closer they get to Napa Valley and Quinn’s sister’s wedding, the more he realizes that he might actually…like Aubry. But can two polar opposite people from completely different worlds ever really connect outside of mind-blowing orgasms? 


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