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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Book Traveling Thursdays - Every Author Has to Start From Somewhere

#Book Traveling Thursdays is a weekly meme created by Cátia (The Girl Who Read Too Much) and Danielle (Danielle's Book Blog) and hosted on this Goodreads group.

Come join us!

This week's theme is: 

Favorite Debut Novel
"Every author has to start from somewhere."

My choice for the week is

by Susan Eee

I love everything about this cover. 
The colors. The contrast. How simple and stunning it is, and even how they chose to use the wings instead of a picture of a human with wings. 
And I love this book.

Oh, Verus, you did such a great job with this cover.
It took them long enough to bring this wonderful story to Brazil, but the publisher didn't disappoint. The choice to keep the main elements from the original cover and put their own spin on it was brilliant and resulted in one of my favorite covers.


 Original | Brazilian | Chinese

The reason I chose the Chinese cover as well as the American and Brazilian were because they all kept the same elements: stunning colors, simple elements and great contrast. They're all similar, but they're still unique.

 Italian  | Turkish  

I honestly don't understand the Kindle or the Paperback covers for the Italian edition. I mean, I still don't know what the picture on the first cover is supposed to represent. While the second cover is actually really pretty, it makes me think of Peter Pan (for some reason), but it doesn't have much to do with Susa Eee's story.
The Turkish cover, on the other hand, screams angels -- just not in a very pretty or artistic way.

So, what do you think about these covers? Have you read this book? Share you opinion bellow.


Chlo said...

I have not read this book but totally agree with your cover choices.

The cover on the bottom right of your least favourtie is actually kind of scary. I really find it quite disturbing. That would definitely have been in my least favourites too!!

Check mine out too if you have time :)

U.S. - Brazil Book Review said...

Thank you for stopping by. :-)

I think it's supposed to be about an angel losing his wings (?), but yeah... creepy. LOL.

Oh, I definitely recommend this book if you're into YA paranormal. It's soooooo good!

Esther said...

Those covers are sooo beautiful. I haven't read the book, so really like the Italian paperback edition that reminds you of Peter Pan. It's a shame it doesn't fit the story! Great choices.
Here's my BTT if you want to check it out.

U.S. - Brazil Book Review said...

The Italian paperback is stunning, isn't it? Just not right for the book, in my opinion. Maybe other people will disagree.:-)

Shameeka Alexis said...

The covers are beautiful and the book sounds nice. I think I'm going to give it a shot.

U.S. - Brazil Book Review said...

Thanks, Shameeka! I hope you love it as much as I do.