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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Blog Tour & Review - The Wrong Kind of Compatible by Kadie Scott

Title: The Wrong Kind of Compatible
Author: Kadie Scott
Publication Date: June 12th, 2017
Age Category/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Entangled (Lovestruck)

Data analyst Cassie Howard may be brilliant (and, okay, a little awkward), but she’s worked hard to get where she is. She definitely doesn’t need some sexy new analyst coming in and taking credit for her work. Or the inappropriate thoughts that keep popping out of her mouth she’d rather he not hear.
For undercover FBI agent Drew Kerrigan, computers have always made more sense than people, but he’d better develop some slick social skills in a hurry if he’s going to win over the too-tantalizing-for-his-sanity Cassie. Hacking their systems was easy. Now he’s just got to hack the one person in the company most likely to see through his ruse…


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It took Cassie all of five steps away from him for Drew to move.

He was crossing a dangerous line, or on a slippery slope, or whatever other cliché you wanted to throw at the situation. He could’ve held on. After a week of ignoring every instinct he had that screamed at him to spend time with Cassie, get to know her better, and—hell, yes—kiss her a lot more, he’d thought he could make it through the investigation. After everything was over, then he could approach her.

But no way could he watch her walk away after every spark of hope in her stunning eyes had died. Stealing candy from a baby while kicking puppies and burning a hole in the ozone layer couldn’t even feel this horrible.

“Cassie.” Her name tumbled off his lips even before he’d made a final decision, or maybe his heart made it for him. No brain required.

She glanced over her shoulder, her hand on the doorknob, and raised her eyebrows.

Words failed sometimes.

Instead, Drew stalked across the room, enjoying how her eyes widened with every purposeful step he took. She turned to face him fully just as he invaded her space. Drew stepped close enough to feel her heat, relishing the faint gasp that parted her lips. He leaned into her, hand on the door behind her to ensure it stayed closed.

He gazed down into bright blue-green eyes, where a wary spark of hope had ignited, and scoured his brain for a smooth, suck-the-breath-out-of-her-lungs, thing to say. Inspiration struck and he smiled even as he spoke the words. “I’d like to unzip your files.”

She froze and blinked up at him so long Drew started to worry she didn’t get it. They hadn’t had any word play all week. Well, she’d tried, and he’d ignored. But this one was out of context, right out of the blue. Maybe…

Cassie burst out laughing, deep belly laughs that he couldn’t resist chuckling along with, even though he wasn’t quite sure yet if she was laughing at him or with him.

“That has to be the nerdiest pickup line in history.”

Drew grinned back like a moron, and relief whooshed through him as two things became evident. First, she got it. Second, she seemed receptive given the big smile and sparkly eyes, along with the fact that she wasn’t running away screaming.

“Did it work?”
3.5 “FBI & Sexy Nerds” Stars

ARC via NetGalley

Thank you, Entangled (Lovestruck)!

A cute nerd MC, a cute nerd LI, people talking about hacking and a FBI undercover mission make this book a funny, intriguing and unique read.

In The Wrong Kind Of Compatible we have two characters who are pretty much perfect for each other falling in love. Cassie and Drew are both crazy about computers and datas and complicated computer language I can't honestly follow. While Cassie works for growing company as their data analist, Drew is a computer specialist and FBI agent working a undercover mission that can lead to Cassie going to prison. Drew and his team know something's up with Cassie's company, and all evidence points to Cassie being guilty of corporate espionage. That means Drew has to infiltrate the company and try to get close to Cassie to unconver the truth. 

Well, when the FBI said close, they didn't mean that close, but the attraction between Drew and Cassie is undeniable. So, on one hand, we have Cassie and her new hot coworker who's driving her crazy because she doesn't want to give in to her attraction just to find out he's there to take her job. Being a badass computer genius woman should be enough to garantee she'll keep her job, but we all know how hard the corporate world is on woman. On the other hand, we have Drew and his hot suspect who might be guilty of a federal crime or might screw up his first undercover assignment. They both have reasons to fight their attracting to each other, but the more time they spend together the harder it becomes.

The thing I liked the most about The Wrong Kind of Compatible was how funny it got, especially when reding Cassie's POV. Cassie had an unique personality--she seemed to be missing a filter, since pretty much everything she thought she ended up saying out loud. That made for some really fun interactions.

The chemistry between Cassie and Drew was another positive. They were good together and they shared some nice, hot moments. They both had things to lose, but ended up falling in love and ultimately fighting for that love.

Award-winning contemporary romance author, Kadie Scott, grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. She attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it. No matter the genre, she loves to write witty, feisty heroines, sexy heroes who deserve them, and a cast of lovable characters to surround them (and maybe get their own stories). She currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her own personal hero, her husband, and their two children, who are growing up way too fast.

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Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed The Wrong Kind of Compatible. xoxo, Kadie Scott