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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

*Grabby Hands* Release & Review - Tell Me Not To Go by Victoria De La O

Image and blurb from Goodreads
Title: Tell Me Not To Go
Author: Victoria de La O
Publication date: January 31st, 2017
Category/Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Jeff Price is in a long-term relationship rut–nothing a move from Utah to Silicon Valley can’t solve. But when he meets Samantha, his sister’s best friend, his newfound freedom is threatened by their attraction. Headed for med school, and still gun shy from her last relationship, Sam’s not in the market for love, either. The answer is simple: a ninety-day, no-strings-attached affair. What can possibly go wrong for two people determined not to fall in love?

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4.5 “Please, don’t go” Stars

ARC via NetGalley.

Thank you, Swerve!!!

Okay, it’s official: Victoria de La O makes me feel so much with her words!

Lesson nº. 2? I need to stop being surprised by how good her books are. It happened with Tell Me How this Ends, and now with Tell Me Not To Go. And since the first book was so, so, so good, I kind of came into this one thinking "okay, I'll like this just as much". Well, I was sort of wrong because.... guess what?

I loved TMNTG even more.

Maybe that’s a result of how much I connected with Jeff’s storyline involving his family, or with Sam’s take-no-shit attitude, or just because the chemistry between them was so amazing….Probably all of that and a little more. All I know is that this book spoke to me in ways TMHWE didn’t--and that’s saying a lot considering how well-written that first book was.

Tell Me Not To Go is the story of Lizzie’s BFF and brother, Sam and Jeff. If you don’t know who Lizzie is, please do yourself a favor and grab a copy of Tell Me How this Ends. You can thank me later.

Sam and Jeff met in the last book and their chemistry was off the charts from moment one. Now, Jeff is coming to live closer to his little sister, which means he’s going to be spending a lot of time around Sam. She isn’t all that happy, because she realizes how dangerous Jeff can be to her heart. As a woman on a mission—she’s leaving soon to go to med school—Sam doesn’t want anything or anyone holding her back.

That’s all rational, mature and smart of her. Except her body doesn’t want any of that. It wants Jeff. All of him. And how could she not want him? Jeff, ladies and gentleman, is a beta/alpha male hybrid at its best. Dude is nice, understanding, listens to what his woman has to say, but still knows what he wants, where and when. Plus, he's a 8 out of 10 in bed. It's safe to say, with all of that, even I want him, too.

Jeff wants Sam. As simple as that. Everything about her appeals to him. She's so different from the other women he dated in his past. Women he couldn't see in his future no matter how hard he tried, because, no matter how nice they were, he still wouldn't fall in love with them. Well, if you ask me, he should’ve known being with Sam would be a completely different experience. She spoke her mind, she had fire and she was incredibly smart. Jeff stood no chance, and he probably knew it.

After trying and failing to ignore their chemistry, Sam and Jeff come to an agreement. 90 days of incredible sex until she has to leave. But there’s a big rule there: they can’t fall in love.

That was when I laughed out loud and said “okay, kids, let’s get this party started, because we all know how it’s going to end.”

No worries, though. Knowing they’d fall madly in love didn't take away from the experience. Victoria de La O made sure I felt everything there was to feel with every step.

I fell hard for Sam and Jeff. I breathed their chemistry. I experienced their angst when their feelings started to get too real. I panicked when they did. I was jealous of everyone who got near them. I laughed when they did, and teared up when they cried. I cheered when Sam gave not-capitalist-but-not-communist speeches. I rooted for Jeff when he confronted his parents and tried to live a life that would make him happy, regardless of his family's expectations. I swooned hard. I took a shower when they had hot, sexy scenes. I cursed Victoria de La O for making me feel so much.

I also praised her for writing Jeff’s relationship with Lizzie the way she did. Or for how she gave us scenes between Lizzie and Jude that reminded me of why I loved the first book that much. Or how Sam’s friendship with Lizzie made me want to meet them in real life, and Sam’s relationship with her eccentric family made her even more unique. And, of course, for how she gave me Sam and Jeff, and the perfection that was the two of them together.

And in case you're wondering if Jeff and Sam find a solution to their problem, rest assured this story ends on a high note. The ending is great and right and brings you all sorts of feelings. Good feelings.

Bottom line, judging from how many variations of "My heart can't take this" I left on my Kindle notes, this book hurt and felt so good at the same time. It was just about everything I wanted and a little more. So, whether you liked this author's first book or not, I'd still advise you to read this one. Tell Me Not To Go will stay with me for a long time.

P.S.: Victoria, I read that excerpt for the next book and I see you're a woman after my heart. I suspect Ryan's book is going to break me, but MY BODY IS READY!
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Victoria De La O said...

Thanks for the lovely review! Book 3 is coming in May :)

U.S. - Brazil Book Review said...

<< Victoria de La O said...
Thanks for the lovely review! Book 3 is coming in May :)>>

Eeeeee! Thank you for stopping by! I seriously can't wait for my heart to get broken and put back together by book #3.