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Monday, December 11, 2017

Release & Review - Over Us, Over You by Whitney G.

Image and blurb from Goodreads
Title: Over Us, Over You
Author: Whitney G.
Release Date: December 7th, 2017
Age Category/ Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
From New York Times bestselling author Whitney G. comes a falling for my older brother’s best friend romance.

Subject: Delete this message after you read it...

Dear Hayley,

I'm assuming you're still hungover, so I'll make this brief.

Last night, you slipped under my sheets (without my permission), and we almost had sex. I got the hell out of the bed once I realized it was you, and I took you home.

That's the story.

The end.


Just in case you've forgotten, you're my best friend's little sister. We will never be anything more. (We can't be anything more.) Our previous friendship is still unresolved--or "over" in your terms, so I'd prefer if we worked on becoming 'just friends' again since you're in town.

Nonetheless, I'm not a man who leaves questions unanswered--even the drunken ones, so to properly close our inappropriate conversation:

1) Yes, I liked the way your lips felt against mine when you were on top of me.
2) Yes, I do "prefer" rough sex, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't rough with you.
3) No, I had no idea you were still a virgin...

This message never happened,

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2 “What happened?” Stars

Even though I think I haven’t reviewed them, I’ve read a few novels and novellas by this author, and I’ve enjoyed them. But this book was a complete mess. I can barely believe this was written by the same author as Sincerely, Carter, which I really liked.

I first heard about Over Us, Over You a few weeks ago during the cover reveal tour, and I was so excited to see it was a “falling for my best friend’s little sister” romance. I patiently waited for its release, but it disappointed me beyond words.

First, Hayley is one of the most irritating, unlikable, immature main characters I’ve read about in a while. She’s supposed to be in her mid-twenties (I think), but she sounds like a spoiled fifteen-year-old.

I was initially okay with her despite the fact that she took the money her brother sent to pay college tuition and invested in a small café business that didn’t survive a few months. It was a little silly and immature, but okay, I was willing to overlook that because she made it sound like she’d worked hard to make it work, but had been unlucky. I was wrong. After getting to know Hayley a bit better, I realized she was simply lazy and not all that smart.

Hayley really got on my nerve when, after losing her business and getting thrown out of her apartment, she decided to go back to San Francisco and ask her brother for help. Her big brother, who also happened to be super overprotective and a self-made millionaire. Oh, that’s when Hayley shows her true colors. Her brother doesn’t hesitate to get her on a private plane, get her  freaking huge house and create a position for her at his company. A company he built from nothing. What does Hayley do? Refuse to move into the house until her friend and former business partner comes to town—a friend who’ll also be getting a job at Hayley’s brother’s company simply because Hayley asked for it. There’s some excuse about how Hayley has problems sleeping so she doesn’t want to be alone in the house, but honestly, none of it is explained in a way that makes much sense. Hayley obviously doesn’t care that she’s creating a problem for her brother and instead of trying to fix her situation, she waits for him to do so, which leads him to ask his best friend (the love interest) to take Hayley in.

Does Hayley seem grateful for that? Not really. Does she go on and respect that rules Corey, the best friend who let her stay with him, set for her to live in his house? Not really, either. Were these rules pretty absurd? Sure, but I don’t know about you, but if someone was letting me stay at their place for free, I wouldn’t be wearing their clothes without permission or playing music at night just because I couldn’t sleep. *rolls eyes*

But that wasn’t even my biggest problem with Hayley. Her behavior at work was. Dude! Dude! The woman couldn’t be bothered to get to work on time or do anything useful even when her brother had practically created a position for her so she wouldn’t be sitting home doing nothing. A little appreciation wouldn’t hurt, woman! Just get there on time and do a decent job, at least. Try to show him you’re grateful he’s buying you a house and giving you a car! I can’t understand what the author was thinking when she wrote Hayley the way she did. Between her brother giving her anything she wanted and Corey taking her on private planes for short vacations around the world, she didn’t have to work for anything and she couldn’t even bother to be grateful?! No. I can’t get behind that. A lack of work ethic is something I simply can’t forgive in a protagonist. No one likes leeches.

Corey wasn’t that much better. He had some big jerk moments for no reason, but at least he seemed to have worked hard for his money. And I was honestly too pissed at Hayley to really pay much attention to Corey. On the plus side, I thought the story had a lot of potential judging for their backstory. With the right vision, those two could’ve had a really touching love story.

Another thing that felt extremely off about this story was the dialogue. It was so unrealistic, I can’t even explain how bad it was. There were so many scenes that caused me to roll my eyes and go “I can’t believe this is happening”. I honestly don’t understand what happened here.

I had high hopes for Over Us, Over You, but unfortunately this book didn’t work for me at all.
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